Its been a big year. SecurEth started at EthDenver 2018. Within a few months we joined with the EthSecurity group as it formed. The intent was to develop better security resources and guidelines for the developer community. Now exactly one year after we started we can share some of the results of our efforts;

So let’s check out our new resources!

SecurEth Guidelines (

These are really Solidity developer based. They supply a common software documentation structure with lots of examples. We took the CryptoZombies Solidity code set and documented it using our system. They prove that the docs you need are not that big. Its not much work to document a contract but the value is significant.

Common docs have lots of advantages. They make on-boarding much easier. It allows a remote developer to read the docs from top level, architecture down to requirements. They can get up to speed without bothering anybody. The docs also answer all the questions an auditor would ask. Follow our process and your audit will be much smoother.

SCSA Guidelines (

EthSecurity Website (

Blockchain Risk Matrix