We at DefiSafety are pleased to announce that our seed round has closed with 1M$ raised. This round was led by Andre Cronje, with investments from Leo Cheng of C.R.E.A.M. Finance, Griff Green, Corey Petty, Shahar Abrams, Jeff Issis, Pedar Muller, Jonathan Boateng, and Wot_is_going_on. Crypto funds investing include MetaCartel Ventures, Feleman, Owl Ventures, NetX Fund, Turn Capital and Immunefi.

DeFiSafety aims to be the premier independent quality organization in the Decentralized Finance industry. Our company is focused on rating Ethereum Decentralized Finance applications on software process, as well as documentation quality and transparency. …

This is an article about Pause control which uses the recent incident of Iron finance as an example. We do not have the resources to independently verify the facts about Iron finance mentioned below. We hope to, in the future. Still based on several articles I read this is what seems to have happened to iron finance. Corrections welcome.

1) The ROI on the TITAN token was amazingly high

2) Several whales decided to exit the token

3) This started rapid panic selling

4) Iron finance social media went mute as this happened

5) The price of the TITAN token…

In Blockchain we make much of the immutability of smart contracts; “in code we trust”. However frequently with DeFi protocols it is not the code you trust but rather the admin team that controls the upgrades. This is because the code can be upgradable. The admin teams, to varying degrees, can update or completely change the underlying smart contracts. They can have control over the user’s funds. In almost all cases the admin teams have been very trustworthy in the software upgrades of their protocols. …

This article discusses how to get a high score on DeFiSafety when you have a private repo. By private repo we mean a software repository where the contents are not open to the public. Frequently developers have private repos to protect against their protocol being forked (or copied).

A private repo is a business decision. Ethereum was built on public, open source software. The DeFiSafety score was designed around those values. However, especially in Defi in 2021, there are clear advantages in maintaining a private repo. For this reason we designed our latest process (0.6) to allow for a high…

If you are close to releasing a DeFi protocol, this article tells you the steps to get ready for a high DeFiSafety review score and ensure your protocol has great transparency for the community.

Your goal in the following is transparency. This means a total stranger who sees your website (then github and docs) can see enough to trust your code. Remember the code is all he is trusting because there is no regulatory safety net. This doc has been revised to our latest process (0.7).

Imagine a Solidity dev being tasked to verify that your contract does what it…

This article introduces the concept of Blockchain Software Transparency. You can trust a transparent DeFi product because it shows the right information publicly to build trust. Transparency is good for developers and users both. Transparent systems are not guaranteed to be free from exploits, but they allow anyone to review them in real time and search for potential problems.

What is the right Information?

This involves the smart contract addresses, documentation on the software, testing done and audits that took place. These are the elements of transparency and are discussed in more detail below.

Why does this build trust?


This is the basic “what we do, what’s our goal” article. Enjoy.

What we do

We rate DeFi products on software quality and use of best practices. In DeFi, you have to trust the software as there is nothing else backing you up. We rate DeFi products for two audiences.

  1. For DeFi users, we provide clear, concise and relevant ratings on project quality, risk, and transparency. So users make informed decisions.
  2. For developers, we give them clear, achievable goals in software quality and transparency (which will have a full article, soon). In the process, raise the quality of the DeFi software industry.

Our Process


Its been a big year. SecurEth started at EthDenver 2018. Within a few months we joined with the EthSecurity group as it formed. The intent was to develop better security resources and guidelines for the developer community. Now exactly one year after we started we can share some of the results of our efforts;

So let’s check out our new resources!

SecurEth Guidelines (guidelines.secureth.org)

These are really Solidity developer based. They supply a common software documentation structure with lots of examples. We took the CryptoZombies Solidity code set and…


Identity applications or Self-Sovereign Identities are poised to make one the biggest impacts on our daily lives of all Blockchain applications. Anyone can use it without an Ethereum wallet or any Ethereum knowledge. Both uPort and Civic have apps for phones that can be downloaded and stored and used in their present basic forms. They will remove the need for many separate passwords and allow you to limit the information you give websites while retaining ease of use. Things like e-resumes and credit scores will become much improved without the need of a third party. If you lose your phone…

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a utility that allows names to be associated with Ethereum Addresses. An Ethereum address is a 40 character hex number (0x1d8a08c8c3ce0a852cb4da902754991759f7f625). It is far too long to type or dictate practically without errors. ENS allows you to shorten this to a simple name (such as rexhygate.eth). I would recommend all Ethereum users get at least one name, if only for the convenience they offer. The deed for a name must be won in an auction, managed by a set of Ethereum Smart Contracts. The Ethereum Name process is managed by a team using a…

Rex Hygate

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